Inspirational Filters for Adobe Lightroom Built by Sean Kim, also known as Seantfr. These crisp Lightroom Presets will help you add beautiful tones and looks to your urban city and portrait

Moody Street Effects for Adobe Lightroom Created by Victor Bergstedt, also known as @vibesart on Instagram. These presets are helpful for both nature photography and street photography. Two areas Victor focuses a

Vibrant Effects for Adobe Lightroom Created by adventure photographer and filmmaker, David Kennedy from Ireland. David’s presets are perfect for setting the scene and creating a mood in your photos. Using his

Faded Lifestyle Effects for Lightroom. Created by travel and lifestyle photographer, Thomas Kovacik. Thomas is an adventure and travel photographer who shoots mostly on GoPro cameras and a 5D MKIII. Thomas says, “For

Nico Hoppe Cool Tones Lightroom Presets Crafted by German photographer and graphic designer, Nico Hoppe. Perfect for nature and landscape photos, these presets will enhance the details and bring the subject to

Noah Humphreys Lightroom Presets Created by the amazing photographer from Utah, Noah Humphreys. These presets are prime for your adventure and lifestyle photos! Using these soft presets you will be able

Lukas Zischke Lightroom Presets Created by photographer and art director Lukas Zischke. These custom Lightroom Presets will help you add beautiful color and fade the shadows in your photography.   Lukas describes his presets as

Enlightening Tones for Adobe Lightroom Created by the talented photographer, Niklas Söderlund. After shooting adventure and landscapes photos for quite some time, Niklas has put together a wonderful pack of nature presets for

Dylan Kato II Lightroom Presets Created by photographer Dylan Kato from Seattle, Washington. This is Dylan’s second pack of presets that will help you edit all of your nature, travel, and adventure photos.

Corinth Suarez Lightroom Presets Lifestyle Filters for Bloggers A beautiful pack of lifestyle filters for Adobe Lightroom. These presets were created by Corinth Suarez and they are perfect for editing photos for

Moody Nature Tones for Lightroom Created by German travel photographer, Sebastian Klein. As a fellow photographer, Basti says, “I love photography because it gives you the power to carry a message or

NYC Urban Presets for Lightroom Urban and lifestyle photographer Alexander Zhuk is back with a new and improved set of presets, this time with a unique New York City style and feel.

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