2005103 Majestic Landscape Lightroom Presets 3416059 DNG, XMP, LRTEMPLATE | 8 Mb INCLUDES: 30 Lightroom Presets available in .xmp and .lrtemplate formats 10 Lightroom Brushes 10 Mobile Presets available in .dng

Inspirational Filters for Adobe Lightroom Built by Sean Kim, also known as Seantfr. These crisp Lightroom Presets will help you add beautiful tones and looks to your urban city and portrait

Honza Rehacek Winter Lightroom Presets Another beautiful set of nature filters developed by outdoor photographer Honza Rehacek. These presets are custom built for wintry scenes and foggy photos. With these filters you can

Subtle Matte Filters for Lightroom Created by Canadian travel photographer Luke Gram. These filters will add soft matte effects and faded colors to your photos. Made for outdoor, travel, and lifestyle photography. These effects

Vintage Grainy Effects for Lightroom Another amazing pack of lightroom presets from landscape photographer Amelia Le Brun, these Lightroom Presets will allow you to achieve grainy, film looks in your photography work. Here’s

Dreamy Landscape Effects by Visual Rev Created by adventure and lifestyle photographer Dean Tucker, also known as @visualrev. These presets will give you a dreamy, beautiful feel and increase details in your photos . Visual Rev Landscape Dreams is

Vibrant Effects for Adobe Lightroom Created by adventure photographer and filmmaker, David Kennedy from Ireland. David’s presets are perfect for setting the scene and creating a mood in your photos. Using his

Faded Lifestyle Effects for Lightroom. Created by travel and lifestyle photographer, Thomas Kovacik. Thomas is an adventure and travel photographer who shoots mostly on GoPro cameras and a 5D MKIII. Thomas says, “For